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08-07-2017, 02:36 PM
I'm sure I asked this years and versions ago, and think there was an option switch somewhere to enable, but... HOW do you get animated image map textures to move in OGL previews? I can clearly see the texture move when adjusting the position envelope in graph editor, but NOT when making a viewport preview.

08-07-2017, 03:43 PM
In the Image Editor, are you sure that your Image Type is set to Sequence, and not still?

Under the Display Options, on the GL tab > Shading Method, try changing between MultiTextureShaders and GLSL Shaders. Both work fine on my setup when showing animated image sequences.

08-07-2017, 06:34 PM
Sorry, I'm not talking about image sequences, or else I would've given details. I'm talking about texture translation, in this case, x position, via graph editor. It moves in viewport as I tweak the envelope (again x position with linear post-behavior), but not when I scrub the time line or do a preview.

08-08-2017, 09:25 AM
This works for me in LW 2015.3. Specifically, I load a BigRedBall object, apply an Image Map texture using a still image, move the texture over time with the X channel envelope in the Texture Editor=>Position tab (setting the Post Behavior to Linear so it continues moving after my keyframe), set the Top viewport to VPR, and press Preview=>Make Preview and select the Top (XZ) viewport for the preview. In the resulting preview, the texture moves appropriately.

What version are you using?


08-09-2017, 03:41 PM
I know VPR works, I'm talking about OpenGL viewport texture shaded mode. VPR is way too slow for a simple texture velocity previz... even with all ray casts disabled. LW 2015.3

08-09-2017, 05:22 PM
OK, sorry for the confusion. You might try changing Geometry Acceleration in the Options=>OpenGL tab to "Streaming" from "Buffered VBO". Seems to work for me.