View Full Version : Nvidia announcements since the AMD Vega keynote

08-01-2017, 04:48 PM
Since AMD announced Vega RX

Nvidia has made several announcements of their own


Looks like there will be more external video card enclosures for laptops


It looks like those with Titan XP will get several of the performance improvements of the Quadro drivers.


AI ray-tracing kit speeds up denoising, antialiasing, motion blur, light transport and facial animation from 4 to 50 times.

08-02-2017, 01:18 AM
and this:
Rendering Appliance Powers AI Workflows

By running NVIDIA OptiX 5.0 on a DGX Station, content creators can significantly accelerate training, inference and rendering. A whisper-quiet system that fits under a desk, NVIDIA DGX Station uses the latest NVIDIA Volta-generation GPUs, making it the most powerful AI rendering system available.

To achieve equivalent rendering performance of a DGX Station, content creators would need access to a render farm with more than 150 servers that require some 200 kilowatts of power, compared with 1.5 kilowatts for a DGX Station. The cost for purchasing and operating that render farm would reach $4 million over three years compared with less than $75,000 for a DGX Station.