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07-31-2017, 04:06 PM
Hey, in modo 11 there are some nifty render presets for quickly setting up your scene.
Eg. Studio draft, mid, production etc..

What are good settings for lw renderer to get :

Fast results
Ok results
Good results
Excellent results

Maybe with Gi and without or for other scenarios. Product shots, arch viz interiors, exteriors and animations?

Thought I'd ask instead of the usual next whining ;-p

If I can gather enough data I'll try and turn out a pdf or doc with it in so we can have a quick ref and a bunch of scenes to load from.


08-01-2017, 02:17 AM
Presets are a good idea, but in the end the best settings depend on your scene.

For example:
Are you using area lights? Then you should increase light samples.
Do you have lots of mirrors or highly reflective surfaces? Then you need to up the recursion limit.
Do you have noisy shaders like blured reflections or occlusion? Then you should up the shading samples.

Some scenes don't need global ilumination. (space scenes, flying logos etc) But for the most part it adds necesary realism to your scenes.
This settings are the base for my arch viz interior renders, but if there is a lot of detail in the geometry or you are getting noise then higher number of RPE and SBR are needed. I keep SBR to half of RPE. Cache should be turned off till you are ready to render the final sequence, doing a cache pass (Bake Radiosity Scene) before the final render is a time saver since you can use a step so it doesn't have to compute every frame.

Then there is antialias, there are whole threads dedicated to optimizing that but a good base is using adaptive sampling and min 5 max 15.