View Full Version : Best free software for photgrammetry?

07-14-2017, 01:16 PM
found out about 123dcatch not long ago, and when I finally was about to check it out, it had been discontinued..and no longer available for download, bummer.

So I essentially wan´t to start looking in to photogrammetry initially for testing it out, and thus currently I will not spend anything until I have tried some free tools.

So what is out there...and was 123catch really good?

07-17-2017, 09:03 AM
yes, it worked, and its not gone, just re branded into several other products,
the free version has a 50 photo limit now though, not sure if the mobile version has that limit as there is no paid version so you might want to give that a try if you got a tablet
recap 360 is another one they integrated it into, obviously they want to get your subscription,
its funny as the original code started out in a software that was bundled with lightwave from newtek Europe back in the early 2000s

07-17-2017, 09:56 AM
Here is also an interesting tutorial with several free software tools on youtube which I found by accident. Worth trying, but I found the resulting point clouds intimidating.


07-17-2017, 01:38 PM
Yeah, I recommend Phils tutorial, he explains everything very well. I followed it and scanned a pile of garbage. The point cloud was very large, but i retoped in Zbrush, the results were pretty good.137400

07-17-2017, 07:43 PM
That's a nice pie of garbage, those are the things that you want but don't want to have the model, although I guess scouting and doing the photography, then retopo counts for a pile of work. The only real problem with this stuff is that it comes with shadows, and don't even try with super reflective objects.

07-18-2017, 07:35 AM
While most "apps" like 123D are simply frontends to an online service, here's a deep dive into running free software on your own system:


The comment section includes a lot of good stuff as well.

07-18-2017, 04:33 PM
If anyone has questions about that tutorial I'll try to answer.

There's also another one I'm testing out now called Regard 3D. The biggest differences are that this one is 100% open source so it can be used for free commercially and it has a history function so you can try different settings over and over until you find what works best and delete the ones that don't work.


07-18-2017, 05:06 PM
Just try to get the GPU accelerated versions

07-19-2017, 05:29 AM
Thanks all you guys for your recomendations so foar, I will look in to some of it a bit later, most appreciated and valuable.