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06-23-2017, 10:18 AM
Hey guys, am running a theoretical new setup though my head and wondering if anyone has experience or advice with this kind of setup for an esports production:

PC running vMix as software mixing desk
10 PCs streaming game/web camera view over NDI using OBS into vMix
PC streaming to twitch and also recording
Blackmagic card with 2/3 SDI cameras feeding into vMix
gaming stations connected to 2/3 gigabit switches all feeding into a 10GBE switch (to handle the NDI bandwidth)
final output into TV/Projector using SDI>HDMI converter from blackmagic card

initial questions i have are:
is one high spec PC going to be up to the task of running vMix and also streaming/recording
would a Tricaster handle this much better (although much higher cost?) and also which models?

i saw there was a blog post on the newt site about an esports company running 44 NDI streams but only over a gigabit network, i couldn't understand how this was possible as thought that each NDI uses ~100MB?

thanks in advance

06-23-2017, 11:30 AM
I can't comment on what vMix would need, but do realize that since NewTek developed NDI, we have most integrated level of NDI of any product in the market. This is what allows an IP Series system to do 44 NDI channels. Be aware that you do need 10Gbit for 44 NDI streams, not just standard Gigbit, but regardless, I'm quite positive that there is no way you could build a vMix setup that is powerful enough to take in 44 channels of NDI (or even with some SDI).

In all honesty, even building a vMix setup to take the 12 to 13 inputs you are talking about will require an extremely powerful system that probably will not be far off in price to what a TriCaster TC1 would cost (and you will get more out of it). vMix's Ruby reference system (their highest end configuration) supports up to 8 channels of video and there is a reason that is where they top off, despite how powerful of a CPU you put in the system, the bandwidth doesn't scale as CPU speed goes up. Bandwidth becomes the limiting factor in how high you can take the system. NewTek's level of NDI integration allows you to go beyond the '8 channel' (or so) limit that you find with other software based switching solutions.

If you are looking for a TriCaster model that could cover your needs above, a TC1 should be large enough. It has 16 NDI and four 3G-SDI inputs as well. This would give you the 10 gaming PC coming in via OBS/NDI along with your 2 or 3 SDI cameras and still have 3 or 4 inputs available for the future. You wouldn't even need 10Gbit networking for the above setup. You would also be set for a system that is future proofed for 4K/UHD at 50 or 60fps, no other software solution on the market supports these frames rates when working in UHD modes.

If you are interested in seeing a TriCaster TC1 (or IP Series) let me know. We could be happy to come and show you one, we have people based in the UK that could set this up. Then you can see the power of the system and that it can do exactly what you are looking for.

06-24-2017, 09:40 AM
Thanks for the thorough reply Kane, really useful, i'll try and get to see a TC1 as really sounds the business!