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06-17-2017, 05:00 PM
as an indie studio owner myself (22 years+ now), i always enjoy seeing work from other indie professionals, and hearing about their entrepreneurial success stories. what makes your studio unique? what are some of your most impressive accomplishments? how does LightWave factor into your daily routine, why did you choose it, and how has it helped you be an indie powerhouse? (please no blender, maya, max or product envy posts here...). just thought i'd start a thread where people can jump onto a soapbox and brag about their awesomeness...

my back story to get the ball rolling:

i was originally trained in traditional illustration at the academy of art university in san francisco (where i grew up) in the mid-to-late 80's. got into marketing right afterwards to pay the bills until i opened my own shop in '95. at the time, LightWave was forever changing the way visual effects were seen on broadcast television with the launch of Babylon 5. i truly loved the creative genius of ron thornton (rip), and the first app i bought and trained myself on was LightWave. i took my newly minted skills and applied them to clients in the video game industry, and did that almost exclusively for the first 10 years. My clients, Random House, Prima Games & Versus Books, hired me on their biggest titles to re-create every environment into 3D maps for their strategy guides; we worked in tandem with the game developers' timelines to launch the books simultaneously when the games hit the market. In addition to game work, I also had numerous high-tech silicon valley startups in my pocket, and created 3D animation, graphics, prototypes, etc. for a wide variety of VC-backed projects.

in 2005, i landed Boeing as a client, and spent 3 years doing 3D modeling & animation on several national defense contracts for the federal government. my work went all the way up to the secretary of defense at the pentagon. In addition to Boeing, I've also done extensive defense department & homeland security animation for other big players in the industry all the way up to 2015 - radar and surveillance systems prototypes, UAV comms components, etc.

one of my fav gigs was a campaign commercial for a state supreme court justice in new mexico (they wanted a cross between South Park & Monty Python), and that commercial (aired throughout the southwest) was awarded a Silver Telly for :30 Animated Use of Humor. i was hired by Brown & Brown Advertising, and my studio was honored at the 26th Annual Telly Awards. it was the weirdest project i've ever done - and because i just took the campy style to the max, it became an instant hit. and, the spot secured the candidate a successful campaign election. :beerchug:

LightWave has been the powerhouse behind my 3D creative work throughout my career, and is still my fav app for everything from product advertising, film & video, motion graphics, mobile app and technology/engineering visualization.

In addition to 3D, my bread and butter is graphic design and video production, including aerial drone video (i'm a licensed remote pilot with UAS rating). Currently, i'm working on a video series for a skilled trades campaign targeted at high school youth for the Chamber of Commerce, and just wrapped an app intro video for a client in the healthcare industry. my company is Jevin Studios LLC (http://www.jevinstudios.com), based in the Austin, TX area.

here is one example of a 3D prototype for a modular data center I did for a client. i photographed the physical, full-scale prototype in their warehouse, then re-created it down to the rivets and bolts in LightWave, which can then be animated and marketed to high-tech companies needing secure modular housing for mobile command and server systems. this render is also seen on their trade show displays, brochures and marketing material (which i also designed):