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06-13-2017, 02:06 PM
Hello everyone,
I disabled the integrated camera and that allowed the NDI Transmit to be detected as a webcam again. So that's working. But now I'm getting a crackling noise in the audio. I know if I'm using the stream output, I have not problem. It is only when receiving the audio feed from NDI Transmit via a web browser that I hear a crackling. If I'm using the NDI video monitor, the sound is perfect no crackling at all. I also tested on the GoTo meeting and webinar, without issues.

Original post:
I have been using NDI Transmit with a few different applications including as a webcam source in Chrome. I have no problems with it until last Friday. This morning, after an update to Chrome, I no longer can detect the video feed from NDI Transmit, but the audio still coming through fine although a bit stuttering. I also am able to view my Mini (AE) using NDI video monitor. Skype and GoTo Webinar are also functional.

Just curious to find out if anyone have used Transmit with a web browser and ran into similar issues with Transmit.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you
Margret Li