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06-03-2017, 05:58 PM
We typically use our Tricaster for in house broadcasting so don't livestream very often. However, we will be streaming our graduation ceremony just like last year and I've got a question.
According to NewTek, I should be duplicating the HD streaming profile and modifying it so the key frame frequency is set to 2 frames and not 3. However, when I duplicate and open to modify it, the HD 720 profile is already set to 2 seconds.
Do I no longer need to change that profile? Has an update been made which negates that step? Or last year, did I accidentally make that change to the original profile?

I'm on a Tricaster Mini- Standard edition latest update and build.


06-03-2017, 08:28 PM
I believe that the profiles have been updated to 2 seconds keyframes some time ago.

06-05-2017, 08:53 AM
Thanks, Kane. Ran a test this morning with the built in profile and all good.

06-06-2017, 12:14 AM
I believe that the profiles have been updated to 2 seconds keyframes some time ago.

I am trying to use the tricaster mini to host a youtube hangout live. Though I can live stream with youtube, no guests can enter. The "live hangout" of course allows guests to enter the stream, but I am not finding a solution as to whether the Mini can access a "youtube hangout" ??? Has anyone successfully used tricaster to do a live hangout with guests? Thank you for any ideas on this. Joe

06-06-2017, 06:04 AM
A while back I thought about using Google Hangout to share my graphics package with my sports broadcasters in a chat room type setting. Just a quick way to go through everything with minimum delay.

I never tried it but I think it would be functional especially if you have AE? I might be wrong but I think you could just run your normal computer and pull the Tricaster in as a live Webcam using one of those NDI tools applications on the same network.

06-06-2017, 06:12 AM
If you want to 'stream' to Google Hangouts, you need to use NDI Transmit running on another computer. On your Mini turn on the 'Network' output and then on this other computer running Transmit, you can receive the NDI channel which will be turned into a virtual webcam that Google Hangouts can receive. Also, make sure your Mini is running a current version of software for this to all work.

There is a trial version of NDI Transmit if you want to try this out first.

06-06-2017, 06:26 AM
Kane would this work:

Connect a camera to the TC
Connect a laptop to the same network
Open up the NDI Monitor App
Open the screen share option on Hangouts and "share application" and chose NDI Monitor

06-06-2017, 06:58 AM
Interesting notion, thought I'd give it a try ...

I'm not running the public version of NDI monitor, but I think it would be similar to what I found, which is that I was able to send video to Hangouts when I chose the entire screen, but selecting the application window as the (screen-shared) source didn't work. I will add that the framerate in Hangouts was pretty bad compared to NDI Monitor, and you might need to play around a bit to get the audio working. So - maybe do-able, but probably not ideal.

06-06-2017, 07:05 AM
Would using NDI Transmit instead clear up the frame rate a bit? I wonder why sharing a source did not work?