View Full Version : NVIDIA Brings AI to Ray Tracing to Speed Graphics Workloads

05-14-2017, 10:26 PM
NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang showed at the GPU Technology Conference today how NVIDIA is advancing the iterative design process to accurately predict final renderings by applying artificial intelligence to ray tracing. (Ray tracing is a technique that uses complex math to realistically simulate how light interacts with surfaces in a specific space.)

The ray tracing process generates highly realistic imagery but is computationally intensive, and can leave a certain amount of noise in an image. Removing this noise while preserving sharp edges and texture detail, is known in the industry as denoising. Using NVIDIA Iray, Huang showed how NVIDIA is the first to make high-quality denoising operate in real time by combining deep learning prediction algorithms with Pascal architecture-based NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.