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05-01-2017, 06:31 AM
Hello everyone,

Is there anyone out there who uses LW in combination with Deadline as a Rendermanager?

I stumbled accross a very odd network rendering problem using Thinkbox Deadline (V under Win 7 64-Bit. LightWave Version is 2015.3 64-Bit
I can´t convince Deadline to load certain third party plugins - it plays well as long as I use the "native" ones that come with LightWave. In my case it has problems loading/finding exrTrader (tried IFW2 Shaders also, Deadline behaves the same here...)

The log ends with the line:
"2017-05-01 13:00:34: 0: STDOUT: Can't load plug-in "exrTrader".Error: No plug-in of type ImageFilterHandler found with name exrTrader."

Deadline adds to its own log:

================================================== =====
================================================== =====
Error: Error: No plug-in of type ImageFilterHandler found with name exrTrader.
at Deadline.Plugins.ScriptPlugin.StartJob(Job job, String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)

================================================== =====
================================================== =====

I even copied the plugins around to all possible spots on the server, of course having the shared LWEXT.config reflecting these modifications, but nothing helped.. :-[

It seems to be a Deadline specific problem as I also tried Dreamlight´s DLISNub2 launcher (same accounts, same nodes, same plugin locations, same config files, etc. ...) which had no problems finding the plugins and saving out proper results. So I am pretty sure it´s no problem with access or policies...

The production demands to run Deadline as a render management tool - there are several softwares that are used here and all need to share the farms nodes...
Any help greatly appreciated, I am really stuck here...

05-02-2017, 12:40 AM
Are you sure your deadline account has the proper permissions to get to where it needs?

05-02-2017, 06:11 AM
Hi! Yes, I checked that.. The mapped drive on the server ("X:") in this case and all subfolders are accessible for all accounts. No matter what other accounts I try, nothing seems to make a difference here... :-\

05-02-2017, 07:12 AM
Where are you plugins stored? And what do the paths look like in your plugin config file?

This is where your render software will look for your plugins, it's worth making sure it's correct for that plugin, just in case it's looking elsewhere.

Also, weirdly... I have had issues with Backburner and plugin locations, but only with Denis Pontonnier's Sun and Sky plugins. I had to move the plugins to within the LightWave installation folder, as outside of it they didn't work. (Then, had to re-load the plugins into my network location configs for LW)

To help a bit further, my plugin location USED to be:


This didn't seem to work with Backburner (many of these render managers are similar, so the error messages they pump out tend to be LightWave Screamernet errors).

So I moved them (and reloaded the plugins) from:

05-02-2017, 01:34 PM
Thanks for chiming in.
All LW-application-related files - even the *.exe´s - are normally in a folder on this mapped drive on the server. All machines see the drive as "X:"
The path to the plugins on X: is - only with single slashes - exactly as in this LWEXT.config portion for exrTrader below:

{ Entry
Class "ImageFilterHandler"
Name "exrTrader"
Module "X:\\L2015_3\\64Bit\\Lo\\support\\plugins\\3rdParty \\db_w\\exrTrader.p"
InfoTag 0 "db&w exrTrader - OpenEXR Layered Export"
InfoTag 40000 "exrTrader - OpenEXR Layered Export"
InfoTag 20000 "db&w exrTrader"

I even copied the *.p-files on all nodes local drives - inside the LW program installed files on C: - of course I modified the config-file for deadline accordingly, but also this did not help...

05-03-2017, 10:18 AM
I got it working!!!! Yay!! ;D

It aparrantly was the info in the Extension Cache-64 that somehow by using Deadline was overriding the path´s in the LWEXT2015.3-64.cfg.
Looks like Deadline is loading the config first and after that reads the Extension Cache next and delivers only that info to the Nodes which completely overrides everything read before... Go figure...

I had no idea that the extension cache is that important - actually I had no idea what it was for at all and even now I am not really certain... The manual mentions it briefly, but honestly, I wasn´t really able to comprehend the why and how...

Anyway, a mentioning in the passport-readme pointed me to the solution - there it reads:

You will also need to recreate your LWEXT*.cfg / Extension Cache (LW10+ only) files. To do this, delete both from your Config folder and run LightWave. If running v10+ it is adisable to manually scan your plugins also from the 'Edit Plugins' panel.

For some odd reasons the path in the existing extension cache were all pointing to the plugins on the local drives and completely ignored the path´s to the mapped drive.

I was able to bend the path´s by using Notepad to replace the path´s from local drive to mapped drive and it worked!!
Also important seems to be that the extension-cache that Deadline uses is write protected (i.e. read-only) as either Deadline or the lwsn on the network nodes seem to show the habit of rewriting it at will...

Whatever: it works now and I am a happy camper again ;-)
Thank you all :-) ...and in particular Michael Wolf (lightwolf) from db & w who went to great length in writing to me and trying to help even on holidays!!! Michael and Dagmar, you guys rock! Great products and great support! Glad to have you around! :-)

05-03-2017, 04:28 PM
Cool.... Glad you got it working!

Not 100% sure what the other config file is for... But could be a list of other external locations for plugins?

Anyway, good to know you've got it sorted! Happy days! Also, good to have this as a record of your issues and resolution, for future reference.

05-04-2017, 09:45 AM
Yep, thanks.. Happy indeed.
Well maybe this thread might help others once Deadline starts to get funky...
I really don´t grasp the base reason behind the extension cache - but anyway its at least good to know where the shallows are and how to deal with them once they get in the way, even if you do not comopletely understand, oh well... :-]