View Full Version : HDRI Image dump #1: Lamps

04-29-2017, 12:16 PM

Hi, just have to justify an investion I've made today.
For this reason I'm releasing some hdri images,
for a few bucks. of various lamps I've shot during the last few years
These are NOT hdri enviroments.


Quality wise, most of them a plain dumps /_unedited_
images. Some are quite old and shot with inadequate equipment,
while others do feature noise / flares etc.
So most of the stuff needs further editing (but thats one of
the reasons I keep the price that low).

A tonemapped preview of the images (in original size)
can be found here: https://gum.co/ipKj
This also contains a short descrition, faq about usage rights etc
(please keep in mind that these are heavily compressed jpgs, and
due to the tonemapping it does not look quite right)

Of course this serves as a test if such cheap
stuff is actually worth to sell, If I can
substain a second release.

(I've originally planed to release 15 hdri, but found
some other so you get now around 20 individual hdri)