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Paul Goodrich
04-26-2017, 07:21 AM
Audio in Layout

Hi, this may be a Mac issue but I cannot get audio to either play back smoothly or scrub properly in Layout. I remember it being better in the past but that may be just wishful thinking. Does audio work on the PC side? Is this a Mac only issue? Or is the audio in Lightwave basically just crap? I've trie .wav 48 and 44.1 16 bit. I can't seem to create an 8 bit file anymore. I've tried mp3's. Nothing seems to work very well. I remember working in Maya years ago and the sound scrubbed and played back fine. Any ideas? I'm picking up Modo to expand my toolkit and was thinking of just using it as a modeler. How does it handle audio? Thanks.

Paul Goodrich
Mac Pro 10.9.5 12GB ram
Lightwave 2015 update 3