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04-21-2017, 09:37 AM
Hello forum, over the summer I want to start and complete my NDI setup. I am again looking for recommendations on equipment.

Before getting some suggestion, I want to explain my setup and goals. I currently have a TC Mini (HDMI) as my main production unit. I am doing sports mainly and some times I get double booked. At this point any investment I make in separate machines, I would like them to serve multiple purposes. I also get contacted to do some tournaments so having multiple units that can work together for a big Tricaster production or break down to serve separate functions is a key. The final things is space. I need all my equipment to travel basically in the trunk of my car.

Here is the equipment I have currently:

TC Mini with AE
Basic Laptop with VMIX installed
Mac Mini (3rd Party Switching Software included) Currently supports NDI output but not input

In the near future I want to add:

"Gaming Laptop" with CW Graphics (add VXIX to this PC)
Some "Scorebot" type of software to do a digital clock

The point I am at now I want to look in to getting things converted to NDI. My equipment questions are:

What switch will work? Will something simple like this work?

Is there anything out there that can covert more than 1 channel of NDI from my Mac Mini?

Can I run graphics AND convert NDI on a good gaming laptop to my TC Mini?

Is there any recommendations other than a Magewell to convert Camers from HDMI to USB3?

End Result:
By the end of the summer I would like to have probably 6 HD Cameras running with 2 off of NDI and possibly one or two others that can run SD if needed. This would be for a booth cam or a Score shot if I need to layer it in. Again small footprint, cost efficient being key factors here.

My target clients are those not currently broadcasting to platforms like ESPN3 or Campus Insiders. NAIA, D-II, D-III, Prep, Independent organizations and some youth stuff (mostly tournaments). I dont plan to undercut or compete with trucks currently holding the larger contracts.

I plan to stick with this setup for a couple years and then maybe move in to the 4K world. Any suggestions would be welcome!