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04-16-2017, 08:23 PM
Hi all,

I have four Panasonic PTZ cameras... (3) AW-HE40 and (1) AW-HE60. I just spent the $2k on AE software upgrades for both my Tricaster Mini HD 4-SDI and my 460. I am doing my first AE work on my Mini, as my next project coming up is remote and not in-house... I also dropped $1,200 on an $800 Dell gaming laptop + the $400 the AutoLink for Panasonic PTZ Cameras" software as instructed by ProTek, so that my Panasonic cameras would become available on the network as NDI sources. I have a brand new gigabit switch, and the laptop says the network is running at a gigabit.

So, it appears that I have what I'm supposed to have to make all of this work, but I can't get the cameras to work properly as NDI sources. I've been on the phone for more than ten hours this week with Newtek ProTek support folks.

It took a lot of tinkering in each of the PTZ camera's settings in the browser-based Panasonic "Live" app at 192.168.X.XX/live/index.html to even get the HE 60 to show up as an NDI source, and now that it is finally available, it's way under-sized and low-res. I've looked through the Panasonic Camera Config app already installed on the Tricaster Mini, and I can see the IP addresses correctly, and can see all sources in the AutoLink program (which by the way has no User Interface and so is not great to work with)... so, I can see all four NDI sources references in the AutoLink software, but two of the three HE40 cameras are grayed-out and not checked.

The nice folks at ProTek finally told me Friday night that they can't do anything, and I have to call Panasonic. Yikes...$2k in ProTek support and I have to call Panasonic. I'm happy to say though that the Panasonic tech I got on the phone, Shane, is awesome and spent another 90 minutes or so with me on the phone....he was the one who helped me first make the HE60 appear as an NDI source, but like I said, it's under-sized and low res. The HE60 is the one camera that I really need to work as and NDI source, since it has only HDMI output and not SDI. I was at least a little pleased that he said that even they are not that used to the NDI realm yet, and so we're learning together. I'd sure like to be able to make use of my extra investment though...

Anyway, I've thrown my hands up at this point...I'm waiting for a call back from Shane but pretty bummed.... $2k in AE software, another $2k in Protek and another $1,500 or so in peripheral gear, and I am still not yet able to take advantage of the NDI realm. I have a ten-day location gig starting in five days, and may have to punt and just use three cameras (I use the fourth SDI input for a graphics feed from a Barco multi-format switcher).

If anybody has a magic wand handy...please let me know.


Zane Condren
04-17-2017, 07:03 AM
Panasonic lists the following on their website for the AW-HE60 "lP monitoring is displayed in at up to 30fps in VGA (640 x 480) and QVGA (320 x 240)". It appears to me that this slightly older camera from Panasonic does not output a full resolution IP stream. I did try to confirm this by looking at the manual for this camera, however the links for the manuals on Panasonics Website are broken. It looks to me that this camera was released around 2012 so it seems it probably has very limited IP functionality. If you could confirm that with Panasonic please let me know.

04-17-2017, 10:04 AM
Wow Zane...that would make sense. I'm expecting to hear from Shane at Panasonic today and I'll add something to this thread later when I hear more-- thanks so much...


04-17-2017, 08:55 PM
Hi again Zane,

FYI Shane from Panasonic did basically confirm that the HE60 does not output 1080 over IP, and that there is no firmware upgrade for it. So, I have abandoned the hope of being able to use that camera as an NDI source. The weird thing is that, in the Panasonic browser-based camera setup app at 192.168.X.XX/live/index.html, the camera shows H.264 streaming settings for 1080. I just don't get it.

Anyway, the bigger issue, which I have spent something like 8 to 10 hours on the phone with ProTek over the last week on, is that I am basically not able to make NDI work at all yet on my TC Mini HD 4-SDI. Per the instructions of one of the Protek guys, I purchased a Dell gaming laptop and the $400 Newtek "Autolink for Panasonic PTZ" software, and have a gigabit switch running the network, so one would think there should not be a problem, but I am not able to use any of my HE40 cameras as NDI sources. Their IP addresses show up grayed-out and un-checked when I right-click on the Autolink software icon in the system tray when the app is running, but the cameras are not available as sources. I have been on Protek calls with Joseph, Laura, Van, Michael and Richard all in the last few days, and have an appointment for Chris to call me at 9:30am AZ time tomorrow to take another crack at it. My experience so far with AE so far has been a nightmare. We had a lot of trouble today just getting the recording settings to work, and now today Richard was unable to get my encoding settings to work, so at the moment I am not even able to do a webcast. I'm really disappointed all around. On Thursday night I'm setting up for my first use of the TC Mini since I upgraded to AE, and it's not able to see the cameras as NDI sources or even encode a YouTube webcast at the moment, so as you can imagine, I'm stressed. I've been working on getting the system ready since last monday, and never dreamed it would take this long and this much effort. I've basically abandoned the NDI sources for now and will just go ahead with using the SDI inputs, but wow, what a disappointment, especially with all of the hype of Newtek NDI. Is Connect Pro more reliable than the Autolink software? I'm hesitant to drop ANOTHER $1,000 on software, but I'm kind of desperate and demoralized about the whole system.


04-18-2017, 05:57 AM
I wouldn't buy Connect Pro for the moment if I were you. There's clearly some issue preventing Autolink from connecting to your 40's. I know it's possible, because we have some in the office (they're gone, shipped to NAB right now, which is unfortunate). I have found that they can be fussy little beasts to configure. Are you able to connect to them using the camera's own webpage, and see video in the webpage preview window?

Also, until you make some progress on getting the cameras seen as NDI sources, I'd leave TriCaster out of the picture for diagnostic purposes. Try just using NDI Monitor (free). But even before that will work, the problem with Autolink needs to be sorted out.

04-18-2017, 07:42 AM
Thanks Steve, but that is the big question-- how to sort out the problem? I have talked to I think five or six Protek reps over the past week, and nobody can figure it out. Yes, we can connect to the camera in its own web page as I said, and see live video. On the advice of Protek reps I have changed various settings in the setup on that page for each camera with no luck. Up until yesterday I had one HE40 working via NDI, and so I carefully went through the settings on the web page for that camera and then made sure that the other two HE40s had the same settings, and then voila, the HE40 that WAS working stopped working. I have all but given up at this point...I'm just at my wit's end. I may try again this morning when Chris from Protek calls me on our 9:30am AZ time appointment, but frankly I am very skeptical of NDI at this point, and really disappointed about this.

04-18-2017, 09:28 AM
I've been running NDI for something approaching two years, and I can say that generally, it just works. Occasional sync and connection issues have virtually always turned out to be network problems, but in this case I rather suspect camera settings, just based on my own experience with the same camera. I'll see if anyone else around here has one ...

p.s. - Have you confirmed that your camera, laptop and mini are all on the same subnet?

Zane Condren
04-18-2017, 01:57 PM
Hi Scott,

I have asked support to give you a call. It appears that your cameras are on a much older version of firmware from Panasonic (ver 1.32) and version 1.52 is available from here http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/soft/upghe40_e.htm. The release notes for the camera firmware mention several improvements to the IP output from this particular model since version 1.32. I recommend you check with Panasonic for instructions updating your firmware. Generally, when the cameras are greyed out it means the cameras are not sending any video frames.

Update: Getting the new firmware installed and using Internet Explorer 11 to set the h264 settings resolved the issue.