View Full Version : Flyer drives question, multiples displayed on Workbench

04-15-2017, 06:21 PM
Question, since the Flyer and Toaster were second hand for me, I don't have the manuals.

I've added drives and formatted them in the Flyer utilities but I see duplicates on Workbench. An unformatted one like FA0:\Flyer0 (something like that) and another named FlyerA0 with a flyer icon.

Is this normal or something configured incorrectly. A and B drives are Audio/Video and C is the Audio drive.

I was having trouble initially with the first drive so at one point I did try to access the drive with HDToolBox and flyerscsi.device.

Cleaning the drive on my PC and formatting again but I still get the two drives (one formatted and one not).

04-16-2017, 01:05 PM
Moving the FA0, FB0 and FC0 icons (mountlist) from DEVS:Dosdrivers to WBStartup and all is good. System boots and only FlyerA0, FlyerB0 and FlyerC0 drives are displayed on the workbench with the flyer icon.