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03-11-2017, 01:07 PM
From time to time I go to sketchfab looking for reference items, I also enjoy being able to watch creatures of wildlife that you donīt come across in real life that often, and I am also enjoying fossiles, bones and skeleton structures..itīs great being able to see so many construction rigs and how it is designed by nature.

hereīs just an excerpt from one uploaders library, the university of Dundee Museum collections, many of these are downloadable..check the little icon that looks like an arrow and a harddrive in the right lower corner of the image, those are downloadable if it has such an icon, you do however need to register an account..which is free though, and if you do use it..you can do so under specified licenses like "CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike"
mostly often only for use for study ..reference or your own personal non commercial projects, and you do need to paste the credits on to published material.

There are of course much much more from other users, I also enjoy to be able to study museum sculptures, statues as well...many of these are heavy in polycount, you could for easier watching in lightwave use plg simplify mesh to reduce polys while retaining the uv map, especially if you use a photogrammetry model of letīs say a rock.