View Full Version : No Balanced Audio???

12-17-2003, 01:33 PM
I'm suprised you can't get balanced audio out of the breakout cable. This seems like a oversite...

If BOB can input and out put balanced audio, the breakout cable should have the signal present. Maybe just a customized cable?

Newtek... Can you confirm this, True or False?


Mark Patrick
12-17-2003, 03:51 PM
Its true the audio is not balanced. I can't imagine why that would be overlooked.
My deepest hope is that Newtek is fixing T3 so we can use other audio cards soon, I get little crackles on the high notes.

I have an Echo Layla that sounds incredible with it's external break out box.
I just hope they have mercy and get the audio corrected soon.

12-17-2003, 08:29 PM
A Balanced audio line does not eliminate distortion or pops from overdriving the system. Balancing audio is a process of eliminating or minimumizing hum and external contamination of the audio signal while transmitting audio over long distances. Even if a device has balancing in and out, if you look at the schematic diagram, you will usually find The audio board itself is internally unbalanced. There is usually a transformer inside the input of the xlr plug to go back to unbalanced audio because within a device the audio levels are high enough, and the device is usually shielded enoughfrom external contamination, to run -10 to 0db levels through the unit without external noise interfearing with the signal. Then there is a rebalancing transformer on the output to allow you to then run your signal another considerable distance to another audio device. If you want to run a balanced line in to the Toaster just run it into a line unbalancing transformer ($8-$36) into the Toaster and you have the same thing. If you are getting hum with that small of a cable distance between your transformer and the Toaster you should seriously consider moving your Toaster away from whatever the source of contamination.

Tom Wood
12-17-2003, 08:56 PM
I have a Mackie 1202 mixer next to the VT computer, no BOB. I use an adapter cable that plugs into the 1/8" stereo plug on the card, and that splits into two 1/4" TR plugs that each go into a channel on the mixer. It's only three feet of 'unbalanced' cable so I doubt it has any effect on the signal.

I added a 24/96 sound card that has 1/4" TRS I/O and SPDIF and I wish the VT card had the same capabilities (plus MIDI!). A daughter VT card just for audio would be nice.