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12-17-2003, 01:21 PM
Fellow Toaster Users, I have started a new service and business... since I'm a poor VT3 user please pass the word around.


A little over a year ago, I designed an online calendar referral system for myself to cut down on the phone calls during shows, load-ins, and load-outs for work requests. The intent of this system was to be available for all my employers 24/7, to see if I was available, and schedule me for work. In the past year, this has become a preferred method to phone calls, beacuse we all check our email at least once every couple of days, and the calendar sends an email to you with the details of the gig.

We recently decided to re-design the system to make it available to all around the country, even the world.

The services we have to offer are as follows:

-Online Calendar (accessible on the WorldWideWeb at any time, from anywhere)
-5 Megabytes of storage on your page for your resume, pics, portfolio, or links to your website
-Custom options for your view, content, and details of each event added
-LIVE!!! Online support from our development team
-A step-by-step tutorial for the initial set-up and use of your web space

*Services are $15.00 per month (billed anually)
*One month free for every referral \

One user started using this system a few months ago, and is now booked for the next 2 months as opposed to finding work at the last minute, or filing unemployment. He no longer has to remember if he is available for something when an employer calls, because they know they can go to his calendar and find out for themselves. It is also very easy to cut-n-paste the content from the email to his PDA software, and keep a copy on hand while at work.

We have this Online Calendar now available to you @ our website.


Please vist the site for more details, and to sign up for the best work referral tool we have yet to come across.

If you are looking for labor you can also find and book labor here as well!!