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Paul Goodrich
03-01-2017, 11:16 AM

I have a workflow question. I've tried modeling in modeler while paying attention to edge loops. However I've not had great success. 136164
I then discovered Z brush and I found that I got better results and it was closer to my original concept. However I soon found out that I ended up with a model that had millions of polygons.
I then discovered that even after reducing the resolution in Z brush I still needed to retopologize the model.
After auto-retopolization did not work and after experimenting in lightwave, blender, third powers, true arts and others I ended up using 3-D coat. After about six tries I finally got fairly decent edge loops.
I then exported it into lightwave and then manually stitched in an ear and created an interior mouth with tongue, teeth and gums. Now I need to connect the head to the low polygon body I had created earlier in Lightwave. Stitching the ear did not turn out all that great and now I have a miss match in the number of loops in the body and the head.
Now I realize that the normal workflow is to build the base model inside something like modeler and then move it to Z brush to do the detail and high polygon refinement.
However what Iíve trying to do is to create the base shapes inside Z brush where I find it easier to get the shapes that I want. I then send it into 3-D coat and retopologize it and then export it into lightwave to add the small details that are easier to do in lightwave. After that I would then move it into Z brush to do the high detail work. This way I will get good edge loops as well as a good form.
Trying to connect the body and head is going to be a major pain and may end up looking just as bad as the ear does. Is there a easier way to do this than manually stitching it together? Is this way of working inherently flawed? I want to connect them so as to end up with a lowish poly model to then detail in Z brush. Should I subdivide the body model to help match the head? Should I try to reduce the polyflow on the head? Iím worried about ending up with a model thatís too heavy. Any ideas or advise would be welcome. Thanks much.

Paul Goodrich