View Full Version : TriCaster AE / Datalink / AllSportCG Expert Needed (Also NDI Help Needed)

02-21-2017, 05:07 PM
Willing to pay for help for your wisom! I have an AllSport CG connected to my AllSport5000, a computer that is showing the data coming in from the AllSportCG (confirmed in hyperterminal) and yet the TriCaster 860 AE 3-2 will not display the fields or data. Not sure if it is an issue with the integrated version of LiveText, if it is an issue within the AE software itself or something in the configuration that is not working correctly to get the data into the correct place for LiveText/Datalink/AE to see it being fed into the computer (not sure where this data is stored when it comes in).

Also need some help setting up an NDI feed from my phone (via the Newtek App) and also from a Teradek Cube which I think should be compatible. Whenever I try to take the camera as a sources in the Net 1 I just get black. And I cant see the Teradek at all.

PLEASE HELP! Can pay by the hour or flat rate.