View Full Version : S-Video cable from Song HDV Handycam to Tricaster 300

02-11-2017, 11:45 AM
Hello to the Forum community!

I am an Assisting Pastor at our church who has recently assumed streaming video broadcasts using the church's Tricaster 300. My problem is related to the cable from one of our camera's, a Sony HDV Handycam, using the S-video output to our Tricaster. The cable appears to have been a home crafted effort that has gone open. This cable has a S-Video connector at the camera and splits out to 2 BNC connectors for the Tricaster. My attempts at soldering repairs have not been successful; they only confirmed my woefully unskilled ability at soldering.

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a professionally made cable (s) ?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


02-11-2017, 01:56 PM
I think are talking about a 4-pin S-Video to Y/C (BNC) cable.


02-12-2017, 12:21 AM
Yes, that sounds like it and looks like it! Thanks so much; you have helped resolve a big problem for me/us!

02-13-2017, 08:01 AM
Hi Andy,

Most Sony HDV camcorders ought to have Component output for HD - it will use a small custom connection to camera, with 3 RCA plugs on the other end (red, green, blue) and that would give you 1080i HD into TriCaster, a MUCH higher quality than the SD. The cable should have come with the camera, but they do get lost. Should be available online. Or maybe you are happy with SD.