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03-07-2003, 02:52 AM
A little wish list.


- More Undos in the Layout (it's terrible!)
- Progressbar for rendering animations and stills
- Multithread for baking
- Multi camera render!!! (must have!)
- Screamernet, multi cpu render on network for single image
- More radiosity tools like preview dots (like Mental Ray)
- Integrated character setup with nice functions like footsteps
- Realtime bumpmapping!?
- Multi user scene editing!!! ( multiple people on 1 scene )
- Viper with raytrace support ( G2 integrated?!? )
- User defined template on startup layout (startup position of lights, camera, bg etc.)
- More shadow options like blurry edges for raytrace
- keyshortcuts for displayview ( key 1 = shaded )
- More and better dynamics!
- Fisheye render, no post render ;) (for dome animations)


- Edge extrude
- Simple snap tools for points, edges, and polygons
- Realtime bumpmapping!?
- Clipmap in modeler

that's all for the moment :)

(sorry for the bad english)

03-08-2003, 05:01 PM
hmmm I liked of your wish list.
But wht edge extrude if LW not work with edges? I think better already add suport to edge in modeler together with sub-patch able >5 vertices per polygon. You will need it when you extrude the edges.

btw is a good features list. =)