View Full Version : NDI Scan Converter and Stereo Mix not working consistently

02-02-2017, 09:56 AM
I have the latest NDI tools installed on a laptop and Magewell SDI to USB capture device. I'm trying to use a Skype or Zoom call as an input source for my TriCaster 460 with AE. I have the Magewell connected to SDI Out 2 on the TriCaster and the remote call can consistently hear and see the show. The issue I'm having is getting the audio Stereo Mix to consistently deliver the remote callers audio to the TriCaster. I have it set as the audio source in the Scan Converter.

I've had it working a couple of times and it seemed that I had to have the Desktop selected as a source to Scan Converter to get the audio to the TriCaster. I documented all the settings in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, Skype and Scan Converter while it was working. The next day I tried it again and can't get the return audio into Stereo Mix. This has happened a couple of times over the last two weeks where it will initially work and then stop working on subsequent attempts but can't consistently get it to work.

The setting when it worked were:
"Separate all input jacks as independent input devices" checked in the Realtek HD Audio Manager
Skype Audio Mic was set to XI100DUSB, Speakers: Speakers (Realtek HD Audio) and Video: USB Video Device
Scan Converter audio source = Stereo Mix, Video has Skype and Desktop checked.

My laptop is a Lenovo B50.

I also need to get a second speaker output to my Mackie 1604 to send to the studio talent IBF. I have an older editing station that I can use instead of the laptop where I can use the front and/or rear audio connections if needed.

I currently have a TalkShow VS-100 and GnuralNet Live-To-Air as NDI sources to the TriCaster and they are generally working well. (They don't reliably show up in the TriCaster since the last couple of releases and I need to restart the TriCaster/App several times to get them to connect - hoping this week's release fixes that -).

I set the TriCaster Input 8 to B50 - Skype and set the TriCaster audio source to Follow Input 8 or specifically the Scan Converter Desktop or Skype and it hasn't made any difference.

All systems are running on a single GigE Cisco 24port switch.


02-02-2017, 06:38 PM
It wasn't working in one case because the "Stereo Mix -> Listen -> Listen to this device" was checked. I will be able to do more testing next week after installing the latest TriCaster AE update (I'm hoping this helps with the NDI sources showing up reliably).

02-12-2017, 02:03 PM
The answer to this issue was found in one of Kane's posts about using NDI Transmit and VB Cable. The final trick for me was to select the Laptop's Desktop, in NDI Scan Converter" as the audio source in the TriCaster. I originally deselected Desktop from NDI Scan Converter as I didn't think it was needed.

"To go from Skype to TriCaster, you would use NDI Scan Converter as you mention, you also might need VB Cable (free) to handle the audio from Skype into NDI Scan Converter.

To go from TriCaster to Skype, you would be using NDI Transmit, not NDI Connect. There is a demo version of NDI Transmit so you can test it out."