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Eric Pratt
12-16-2003, 10:07 PM
I'm proud to announce after a month of hard work wrangling databases and formatting dynamic pages that our Online Store is done.
With it you can purchase and immediately download individual Video Toaster Effects and Virtual Sets.
The store's address is: http://store.virtualsetworks.com
You can go to the effects directly at: http://store.virtualsetworks.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=4 You'll want to refine the results because there are 150 effects (PAL and NTSC) available. Each effect has a clip that you can view if you click on it's picture.
You can also view the sets here: http://www.virtualsetworks.com/NewViewer.htm and the Buy Now button will take you directly to a detail page which will show you multiple angles of the set.
There's a %25 off Grand Opening Coupon which is GOVSW. This is also in part for any feedback on the site, which I would appreciate. I know there are various small issues (not the least of which is speed) but any missing movies or picons or orderflow or any kind of difficulties that you can apprise me of would be of great help.


Eric Pratt
01-06-2004, 11:56 AM
I just wanted to let everyone know I've added chat to both my site: http://www.virtualsetworks.com/ and my store: http://store.virtualsetworks.com/ so if anyone has any questions I should be on most of the time to answer them right away (except in the morning). And just to refresh; you can now purchase our Toaster FX individually, online, and download them at the end of the checkout: http://store.virtualsetworks.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=4 Same thing is true of the Virtual Sets for Video Toaster 3: http://store.virtualsetworks.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=8 you can purchase sets individually and download them. Each Virtual Set for the VT[3] has a DVE for the background so that video just snaps right into the screens with reflections and radiosity: http://www.virtualsetworks.com/Products.VirtualSetPack.VideoToaster2.htm

01-07-2004, 12:36 AM
I hope to heck that people use this service. The more money you make, the more likely we are to get new Effects. I've burned through most of your stuff. And lord knows I own most everything you've ever made.
I love it when a client asks, can you make a transition with a rollercoaster, leaves, highlight, fish, etc. No Problem I say and I'm a hero!:)