View Full Version : 2 second delay with NDI connect

01-11-2017, 02:37 PM
I've just setup an extra camera input into my 460 (Standard Edition version 2-6-161116) using NDI connect. I am currently seeing about a 2 second delay on that source, and the video appears "stroby" almost as if the full frame rate isn't coming through. NDI connect is running on a Win7 Pro 64 core i7 laptop with 8gb of ram and a Nvidia GPU. NDI previously did not work until the Nvidia GPU was set to be the default GPU instead of the integrated Intel. There are only two machines on the network, the Tricaster and the laptop, and they both are plugged into a gigabit switch. Both machines report that they are connected at gigabit rate. There is no delay or strobe effect inside the NDI connect preview window.

Is there a typical fault, or area of concern to investigate first to troubleshoot the delay?