View Full Version : PLEASE enable multi-select in "Edit Plugins" panel (at least for delete)!!!

12-29-2016, 06:55 PM
REQUEST: Please enable multi-select for plugin list in "Edit Plugins" panel (either view), at least for "delete" button operation.

REASON: There is nothing worse than needing to delete and reload a complex collection of plugins (f.e. OD plugins collection), and being forced to do it manually in the "Edit Plugins" panel. Not only is there no multi-select, but upon deletion the table's "cursor" disappears, so you can't even delete the top-most and then keep hitting delete to get the rest. Nooooo. Instead, the user must manually select the plugin and hit the delete button for every friggin' plugin in the collection. That's horrible UX no matter how you look at it.

If the concern is protecting against accidental deletion, it would be MUCH better UX just to offer a "confirm to delete" checkbox on the "Edit Plugins" panel, have it checked by default (even confirm turning it off, if y'all are that paranoid). Or, ya know, there's this nifty new functionality know as "UNDO" which was just invented... :devil:

The current delete UX just onerously punishes users who need to remove multiple plugins.

12-29-2016, 07:02 PM

LWG: be aware that there's a dynamic in your production practices where seldom-used actions NEVER get polished to a "release ready" state. I'm sure we could all chime in and nominate particular REGIONS of continuous oversight, but for starters: Multi-select is poorly implemented in many places.

You should give Ryan Royce a couple hundred bucks and have him type up just a few of the things that bug him: it'd be more than worthwhile.

01-01-2017, 07:57 AM
Have to agree with you here jwiede that a multi select/delete function would be good.

Same applies to the Edit Menu Layout files/Configure Menus Panel.
You can delete any reference to a plugin from the right side "Menus List"
[Also delete plugin from LW programmes plugin folder].
But a plugins title may still be present under the COMMAND list and you cannot delete it.
Which means the original issue you have with the plugin remains even with a fresh version.

Im not to shore though if you were able to delete the name of the plugin from the Command list weather LWs config file would record its absense
If it does then reinstalling a fresh version of a problematic plugin should then work ok.
The only option at present to get rid of the plugins name in the Command list is to actually delete Lightwaves own config file then restart Lightwave.
This means that you may loose some if not all your installed plugins and have to reinstall them.
So im hoping that simply being able to delete a file name from the Command list will not mean you will have to reinstall more than the one that was faulty.

01-02-2017, 07:43 PM
What's really needed is something akin to MODO's "Kits" or how C4D/Maya/etc. plugins can define for themselves how they initially manifest in the GUI. Users shouldn't have to make "fragile" menu changes when adding a plugin just to get it to appear. Something akin to dynamically regenerating tabs by assembling menu fragments included in the plugin pkgs.

The whole LW "Additional" tab mechanism works horribly because it manifests _everything_ instead of just what the plugins want manifested (and does so without any sense of useful grouping/arrangement). LW itself cannot know what plugins want manifested, nor how to efficiently group functionality, so needs to let plugins do it instead of putting burden entirely on user (and again, in very fragile manner).

However, to be clear, such is beyond the scope of the feature request I made, and from a UX perspective, isn't really related to my FReq.