View Full Version : Fun features ?.

12-29-2016, 11:45 AM
Hi dev team.
Have an unusual suggestion/request.
During the time you spend developing new and different features you must have tried out a lot of different things.
Most of the time newer stuff gets abandened for one reason or another.
But there may of been times when something you were developing/testing was a lot of fun to use and put a big smile on your face while playing about with it.

Why not collect together these rejected features and develop there fun aspect and provide them as FUN features in some future update of "NEXT".

eg. It could be something like 2 3 or more objects interact with each other in amusing and unpredictable ways or maybe like the plugin "AdvancedPlacment" you can, in
real time, fire one object at a collection of other objects and knock them over a sort of shoot em up game.

Obviously i cannot know what has amused any of you dev guys while developing stuff but i feel there must have been times when a feature or function just made you smile a lot using it.

Although such FUN features may not seem to have any professional purpose the more creative among us may actually find them usefull. :D