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12-24-2016, 09:53 PM
Le Petit ChatTow to the right, North 1/3 of our HotShop/Studio to the left.

Taking a break after a long season of producing and shipping our Solar System Ornament Collections and individual Planets thereof.
Some went to Norway and Sweden.

You can see on our Clients Globe (http://sphericalmagic.com/about/clients-globe.html) where our stuff has gone to live in new homes. I'm in the middle of updating, so there'll be new markers as the days go by.
I did this in 2015 as a programming exercise, mostly for a lark, and was gobsmacked when I saw all of the markers pop up. There are seven different map choices. Couldn't decide which was best, so left it up to the visitor.

Moved here throughout the last half of July in four 36' Penske trucks (6,800 cubic ft./39,800 lbs. | 192.5 m**3/1,8053 kg)—all driven by me—punctuated by plane flights, unloaded and began sorting/shifting the blizzard of heavy boxes in order to find necessary equipment (still haven't found some of it), set up the HotShop over a three month period; wiring high-voltage/amperage for the kilns/annealers and plumbing propane for the furnaces. We then began producing, while getting used to a new space in which to work; making adjustments where necessary. In order to make construction as organized and uneventful as I could, I generated a model of the shop and our equipment, so we'd know how everything fits and the dimensions of that which we needed to build. The vector gantry above the kilns that holds the counterweights and cables to raise their lids was where this was most needed. Even employed Riff's shackle models in it, as those are what the handles and counter weights actually are.

Time to stand down and wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas [or celebration of your choice] Season, go hug our many rescues that I haven't had much time to be with since the start, and imbibe a few stiff Jack Daniel's-Spiked Egg Nogs!

12-25-2016, 02:26 AM
Merry Christmas! We have mild clouds damp muck here and no hint of snow. Oh well who cares, it's Christmas!

12-25-2016, 07:28 AM
Congratulations then, all that snow we got some month ago went away..we had this..

but now it´s just some very very small parts beside the roads that may have some remains of snow..so in the end it wasn´t a white christmas.
Yesterday on christmas eve, after having a christmas dinner at my sisters place, I went home..and it was quite mild weather +5 celsius in december...very warm for december here, today at late night we may get a low pressure front so that could mean almost storm, and possible rain or snow mixed rain..then again that could be cousy, if one has a fireplace or a fake fireplace, some chocolate and relaxing with a good movie, I won´t be back to work until the 9th of januari, I may even have time to fiddle with lightwave a bit.
Had a nice dinner with my siblings and petting the cats and the dog.