View Full Version : wxWidgets Debug error?

wibly wobly
12-23-2016, 06:12 PM
I updated Turbulence and now I'm getting this error when I launch 2015.3. I can push through it to get LW to load but I can't load any Turbulence scene now without LW crashing hard. I don't even know where to look regarding this error. It looks like it's some registry. I didn't find much searching in regedit. Never heard of this error before. Google didn't find much either. I reinstalled LW and it didn't help. Older versions of LW still seem to work so I don't know if it's something related to that version of LW that still has something that's messed up or it's something deeper. Does anyone have any ideas? If it helps, I'm using Win7 Pro.



wibly wobly
12-23-2016, 06:18 PM
nvm. It seems fixed. There was a duplicate folder with an older version of the plugin in there that was making the whole thing freak out. It all looks ok now. Relief!