View Full Version : NDI to send program feed to overflow viewing location

12-19-2016, 07:46 AM
At our college, we have a rain contingency plan for our graduation ceremony where we would have up to 1,000 people viewing the ceremony in an overflow location and we're looking at the best options for serving them with a high quality feed.

In the main event venue we're using our 460 to capture the ceremony and using Livestream to serve our remote viewers.

In the overflow room, we may use a large projection screen or more likely an LED wall that's at least 9 ft by 12 ft. I'd rather not just tap into Livestream as I think using that feed on the large monitors won't look great.

Any suggestions for what NDI tools would work best in this application? Should I try one of the Sienna applications to send the program output to a MacBook and then feed the video wall through HDMI (with audio embedded)?

We have a very fast network that serves these buildings so pushing the high quality feed shouldn't be an issue on that front. Thanks for your advice.

12-19-2016, 09:16 AM
NDI Monitor should work for this use. I'm familiar with the Windows version of this application, select your source and double left click on the application to put it in full-screen mode. Connect the output of your laptop to your projection system. The OSX version of NDI Monitor also has a full screen mode, but I notice that the UI is still visable on the 16x10 display. Not sure if it still appears when the display is 16x9.