View Full Version : Agisoft Photoscan exported model/texture to Lightwave

12-14-2016, 02:48 PM
I've done a search here to see if this topic has been covered. No luck so far...

I'm doing some prelim tests in photoscan to generate a model to use in a 3D Fx makeup experiment. I have done a 20 photo chunk in Photoscan to generate a 180 degree of the actor's head, exported the mesh and UV texture. I have loaded the model into lightwave layout. The model seems to import with the color information from Photoscans "Shaded" view and noticed that the higher rez UV texture generated from the photos in Photoscan is only visible when Luminosity is turned up to 100% and Diffuse is turned down to 0% in Surface editor. This of course, negates any lighting applied.

Any thoughts? Has anyone dealt with this? Is it possible to get the nice higher resolution UV texture in proper 0% Luminosity and 100% Diffuse?


12-14-2016, 03:00 PM
I think I just figured it out. Sorry for the knee jerk inquiry.

It's about the quality of the exported mesh and how it appears in Lightwave. The uv texture is there just fine, only the mesh has yet to be cleaned up, smoothed. LW Brush or MeshMixer is my next step to clean it up some.