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12-13-2016, 07:26 AM
Short version of our problem: Tricaster 860, std edition. Trying to broadcast from iPhone to Tricaster and the Tricaster doesn't see the iphone when we hit the drop down for net 1 (or 2). Newtek support says "It should just work." Well it doesn't.

Network setup: approx 25-30 computers, a few Netgear smart switches (nothing special configured on them, out of box and in rack), Windows DNS server, pfSense firewall (again, nothing crazy configured on it).

My background: IT director for small(er) businesses in the area. Pretty good at networking, completely unfamiliar with Tricaster software (I make sure the network is available, you use it as needed)

What we've done/tested:

-Downloaded NDI tools to Tricaster (hard wired), iMac (hard wired), Macbook (wireless) and two Windows laptops (wireless).
-On each machine, we can start Video Monitor and Test Patterns and broadcast to itself.
-Some times, from one Windows PC I can broadcast to another Windows PC.
-The iMac has ProPresenter on it and when ProPresenter is running, the Tricaster sees it as an NDI source but not the test patterns.
-The Macbook and iMac can broadcast to each other.
-If I hard wire the two Windows laptops together (no switches or anything, just direct connection and two static IPs), I can broadcast to each other.
-All testing is done on one subnet, no VLANs in the picture anywhere testing was done.

On my home network I have similar results.
On a wireless hotspot (what I define as a very simple network) I have similar results.

Since I can broadcast from the tricaster to the tricaster, I know NDI is at least working on the machine but I'm unfamilar with how NDI announces itself to the network. There is clearly something either not announcing or not receiving the announcement but up until two weeks ago I had never heard of NDI.

On the network the Tricaster is on, Bonjour works ok (we have a few printers using it) and my impression was that NDI works in a similar fashion to Bonjour.

Can anyone shed some light on what might be blocking NDI from working or what to dig into?? I have run Wireshark but not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

12-13-2016, 09:50 AM
I'd start with reading these articles.

NDI Discovery And Registration

Network Ports Used In NewTek Products

If the systems are working without issue when directly connected, then it has to be something in your network that is blocking the traffic. Is multicast disabled? If so, systems will not be able to see each other automatically. With the latest NDI tools, you can use Access Manager to manually setup systems to see each other.

12-20-2016, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the help. Those documents helped big time. Bottom line I had to enable the IGMP proxy on the firewall and also disable IGMP snooping on the switches. Just the IGMP proxy helped a little bit the combination of the two made everything work great.