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Ryan Roye
12-11-2016, 08:46 PM

People who have already purchased the tool can upgrade to the new version on the RR Tools product page (Check your e-mail. If you didn't get a coupon code for upgrading, contact me at [email protected] and provide the e-mail you used when purchasing the plugin):


Summary of major changes:

Translate/Rotate Average
- Now operate independently and can be used concurrently.
- Their pivot/keep functions are no longer separate plugins, they are integrated into the tool itself now.
- Keep function is now undoable.
- Added translate average toggle option to make items rotate with the controller.
- No longer uses files to store scene information.

- Re-written and optimized for greatly improved performance.
- No longer uses files to store scene information.

DDRig IKBChain
- Added calculations that match exactly the user rig's pose upon application
- Greatly increased stability when interpolating the effect on/off using controller
- Added function to select all handles
- "Load from scene" is no longer used. This caused stability issues with repeated uses.

- Re-written, no longer uses files to store scene information.
- Improved performance and optimized how the plugin decides which baking methods to use.

Added Null Tools
- Plugins to change the look of selected nulls quickly and efficiently.

Added Keyframe tools
- Bezier curve set: cycles through presets applied to two keyframes defined by user.
- Step keyframes on selected
- Step dissolve 0/100% on selected
- Mirror Animation: Mirrors the motion of the entire heirarchy.

Added scene management tools
- IKB Only on Selected: Disables all IKBooster custom objects except for selected.
- On/Off lock/visibility tools
- Global deform (modifier) on/off
- Visibility Type on Selected

12-11-2016, 11:16 PM
Thanks, Ryan looks good and already picked up the update.

12-12-2016, 01:09 AM
Ryan, sheer genius. No doubt I will upgrade to these even though I rarely do any complex animation these days. The bezier curve function is like certain key-frame plugins for After Effects that help speed up and make your motion design look slicker, so I really see this set of tools as a motion graphics helper as much as it is a character animation helper. Motion graphics is mostly about moving things around and moving them around beautifully and the RR tools is a great assist towards that end.

12-12-2016, 07:05 AM
Updated this morning, looking forward to playing with them. Loads of nice workflow additions that are worth their weight, that Bezier path tool is sooooooo needed! Even quick access to null shapes is a nice feature. It's amazing how far you can get in LW without having an interface filling the screen! Can you have customisable floating palettes in LW? That's for another discussion. Nice one Ryan!