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12-06-2016, 05:27 AM

Hi guys,

Im trying to connect particles with dp instancer.
Im using a line to connect the dots and I get them to connect to the particle before.

But it looks kind of messy so I want to connect it to the nearest particle but I don't get how to do it.
I changed the particle info to nearest but it didn't do the trick.

Anyone know how to do it?


12-06-2016, 05:36 PM
It may be easier to create a geometrical "node network" in one of several ways. Here's a LW tutorial by Cody Burke talking about animating a node network:


There's also a previous thread on building a more organic node network, here:


I like using Bevel to create geometrical node networks:

1) Create a tesselated sphere, as in Cody Burke's tutorial
2) In Polygon Mode, select all polygons using double-quote (")
3) Use Bevel to inset the polygons by a small amount
4) Use DELETE to delete the Bevel-created polygons, leaving the "edges"
5) Set the Surface to double-sided

Sorry if these approaches aren't what you're looking for! If I find the time, I'll experiment with the instanced-line approach in the original post.


Dan Ritchie
12-07-2016, 10:47 AM
That was a fun one.