View Full Version : Marking a Stop/Pause Cue on Replay

11-30-2016, 09:31 AM
Is there a method to mark a Cue Point at an ‘exact’ timecode for a slow-motion replay to stop or pause, and then continue by moving the T-Bar or some other method.

This would be very helpful in sports that involve a finish line, where split-second timing decisions are important.

11-30-2016, 12:26 PM
There isn't an auto-stop or pause feature.

What model 3PLAY are you using? With a 3PLAY Mini, 440 and 4800 models the following options could be solutions.

- The 'bookmark' feature that you can use to mark up to 10 previous locations. That would at least make it easy to get to that point again, from there you can use the t-bar or jog wheel to move around.

- A macro, for example, you cue the playback 5 second before you wanted to stop, then you can execute the macro that will start playback and stops 5 seconds later (or 10 seconds if playback was at 50% speed).

12-02-2016, 09:59 AM
“There isn't an auto-stop or pause feature.” Thanks Kane, I figured as much. Know the 820/4800 quite well, but had to ask on behalf of the operators. FYI, It’s a feature in EVS and K2Dyno. We’re talking about live manual operation for replays, not any automation/macros. The feature is used extensively during manual replays, when a frame accurate stop must be performed while using the slow-motion T-Bar. Examples: Football, foot over the line momentarily, goal scored with infringement, golf swing and the contact between the ball and the club with the player’s posture, Athletics/Racing when the person/driver/rider hits the finish-line or post, and so many other situations.

With tongue in cheek and a wink of the eye, you guys need to watch a little more sports broadcasting. :) All the best for the season.