View Full Version : Genoma Presets Facing Backwards Relative to Camera and Model

11-22-2016, 10:33 AM
When I click "R" to rotate the Genoma rig preset to match the direction of my human biped model, it rotates like a wheel along the Y axis rather than like a door along the Z. How do I adjust the behavior of the rotation, so that it rotates along the Z axis. Note: my model does this Y-axis cartwheel rotation thing as well--so maybe the Genoma rig is synchronizing itself to some sort of preset rotation setting embedded in the model? Is there a way to fix this in Modeler, or must I find another model?

Second, why would the Genoma rig import backwards relative to model and camera? Lightwave, so far, has proven very intuitive to this particular lay-programmer / modeler. However, the default rig direction smacks of programming spite. Perhaps Henry the temp Lightwave 3D programmer was having a difficult day when this feature was implemented?

11-22-2016, 02:59 PM
R rotates in 45 degrees steps..and isnīt what you normally would use.
Y is rotate stepless...how it rotates depend on what action center is choosen, see ac-mouse, ac-pivot, ac, origin at the bottom of the modeler interface...check your manual to see what they do.

regarding genoma presets, the motion capture biped seem to be correct if you use the standard back viewport and a model facing you, the others got it backwards, I do not know why it is made that way really.
that is where you could rotate the genoma rig with the R key in 45 degree steps to fix that..but itīs weird that it is made like that with the presets.

the wonky rotation may be that you havenīt got your genoma rig centered at origin, so hit f2 to center it, or f3 to center but also make it stand on ground origin.
and the wonky rotation may be that you have ac mouse or ac selection where you should have ac-origin, so depending on what..the R key for 45 degree will give you a rotation around center or a wonky cartwheel rotation if your object Or genoma rig isnīt centered at origin, or mouse ac is on and you are hovering with the mouse..then it will follow the mouse location.

The only thing can agree to complain about not being intuitive here, that would be those genoma presets that is backwards. (may have something to do with how mocap generally is imported or created VS the other rigs)

11-22-2016, 03:12 PM
Ohh..and the term is wrong, genoma presets isnīt backwards to camera, modeler doesnt have a camera, itīs backwards to the default back viewport...and you do your rig in modeler first,not in layout..so it is there you fix it right.