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11-21-2016, 12:23 PM
After loosing a couple hours work to a modeler crash, because I failed to hit Ctrl-S after every complex operation, like Knifing thru an object while meta-nurbs (tab) was active, I went looking for the Hub's autosaved object in C:/users/me/app data/local/temp/lwhub (win 7) and did not see it there (other recent objects were there), which further angered me. Sooooo, I checked Modeler options and discovered Auto Save Objects was set to Never. So, I set it to 5 mins., created a "Backup" subfolder in the content directory, saved the object, closed Modeler, closed Hub, relaunched Hub manually (because it crashes when starting either Layout or Modeler), launched Modeler, loaded object, worked on it, and 5 mins. later get an error:

Cannot Auto Save LWO file: \\computername\drive\content directory\backup\name_of_object_modeler\random_num ber_modeler\name_of_file.lwo

The UNC path IS the machine I'm working on, but no name_of_object_modeler subfolder and random_number_modeler folders were created within the backup folder.

So, I changed Modeler's content directory to the local drive and path and wait for the error to appear, as I continue working on the model.... Nothing. I look in the backup folder and there they are, the name_of_object_modeler subfolder and random_number_modeler folders within, each with a name_of_object.lwo file within.

Sooo, after all these years of extensive and required usage, WHY does LW barf on UNC paths for Hub autosaves?

Why am I pointing Content Dir. to a UNC path? It's what network rendering uses and probably my erroneous thinking that using a UNC path might prevent any possible "file not found" error during network rendering, if, somehow, an absolute path to an asset is stored in the scene or object file. I've had this happen when copying an object from one content dir. to another and that object somehow had a hard path to an image map, etc., thus that image, being outside of the new content dir. was inaccessible on the network during screamer rendering.

11-21-2016, 04:06 PM
He hub "backup" is automatic but it only works if you are sending your object back and forth between Modeler and Layout, it uses that file as a temporary one. My auto save backup path has been UNC for years without a problem. So there is something else wrong, your hub not working is also a bad sign. If you are using autosave on a network drive its not a good idea to set it to 5 minutes, you'll get apparent freezes every 5 minutes if your object is complex. I can't really think of a sure fire solution, things I'd check would be non standard characters in the name or path and also file save permissions.

11-22-2016, 10:02 PM
Alas, LW is a bit "competency-challenged" w.r.t. anything involving networks or security (to be kind).