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11-16-2016, 08:22 PM
Features, MEH: they could be anything. Let's talk WORKFLOWS:

One thing I'd like for LW to plagiarize from After Effects (!) is the idea of what I think of as "Static Objects".

In AE, all items, or more properly, all animation channels are static unless explicitly animated. Personally, I find this VERY convenient. Most items in any given animation are, for me, static, and having them static means I don't have to constantly delete keyframes if I re-position them slightly.

This could easily be a user preference too: the current behavior would be the default, but users like me could have a "static item default" in their preferences.

(There is a plugin (an lscript?) that ....evenflcw???... made freely available that makes individual channels static, it is GREAT. However, it is not possible to set ALL the channels of an item static with one button push.)

Ryan Roye has demonstrated that many functions that would benefit from group/mass editing are currently not supported in Layout. I'd certainly like THAT workflow addressed and solved.

Users seem to regularly need to export transformed and/or instanced objects out, either as single objects or Scenes.

please add your workflow requests below.