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11-10-2016, 10:37 AM
I am trying to setup Datalink on my 860AE2. This is not going very well and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and/or solutions to my problems.

I have been using LiveText on a networked PC and bring graphics in via Network Input and now SDI. All the keys are setup in Datalink on that PC and do their job perfectly in conjunction with my database.

NOW...I am trying to move the LiveText project to the onboard or integrated LiveText on the TriCaster. Here are some things I have dealt with:

1. I have had a database engineer install MySQL on the Tricaster. This generates all kinds of warnings on the TriCaster that I have to click through anytime going into our out of the TriCaster. I understand the warning, but how about a button to skip the message in the future? ALSO, why such a dire warning if you are going to promote the TriCaster as being able to connect to a database? ANYWAY, my helper can see all the data from the TriCaster...meaning it is able to access the database.

2. In the TriCaster, there is a "Datalink Configuration" option in the "Add-Ons". However, it is different than Datalink that is on a stand-alone system. The stand-alone system gives you the option to select different databases to work with. In the Tricaster, you don't have this option. You get to put in the same basic fields in the top for ONE database and then you can enter your keys. I can live with this based on my work and company, but I assume this will be problematic for some people.

3. On my stand-alone system, I have about 50 keys entered into Datalink. I have been trying to find a way to IMPORT these keys into the registry on the TriCaster. Well, my database guy was trying. He did successfully get them in at one point, but when we would go to the Datalink Configuration tool, they would NOT appear. BUT, inside a Live session, you could select them via typing "%".

HAS ANYONE been able to import keys into the registry instead of having to manually enter them?

This is a HUGE deal...and here's why:
Yesterday, NewTek support instructed me to perform an update since there have been recent LiveText fixes in the recent builds. So, I dutifully followed their instruction. AFTER doing so, I went back to the Datalink Configuration tool and the keys that I had manually entered were now GONE. Apparently an update wipes out all the keys in that Datalink Configuration tool. If I had put all 50 of my keys in...I'm talking some long queries here...and lost them to an update...well, you can imagine my frustration.

I am trying to get assistance from NewTek but have run out of time today to wait on the phone. I will try to talk to them again tomorrow.

4. In LiveText ON the TriCaster, you can work with your graphics and different slides. However, you cannot see any keys. I have determined, and been confirmed by NewTek support, that you cannot select keys inside LiveText, nor can you see the actual data from the keys. You can only do that when you are in a Live session. This is not a big deal for text items. I can work with that. But can someone tell me how you are supposed to do this for images? When I go into Live, I can't click on an image to change the key...

5. In a similar situation, I have been trying to get the Chrome extension to work. Again, the text is fine. I have not been able to do it with images. When I create a generic image and place it in a slide...and then go Live and rename the text to the proper key...all I get is a text string with a file location of what I assume is the file I sent from the Chrome browser.

Any help / advice appreciated!