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11-03-2016, 02:11 PM
hi there,

just wanted to put this out there for a request for improvement.

we recently had a customer that had video issues, the 860 became unstable and the result was in the logs as >800 lost frames and then the software would stop communicating and show blue screens for video inputs.

after a long adventure, I discovered that the backplane fans had failed and we needed replacements. This made sense for the video inputs being encoded to the system. THe fans were completely clean as was the internal chassis which got me wondering.

Both front fans are blowing into the chassis but there is no place for the equivalent CFM to exit the chassis. Furthermore the front left fan is blowing right at the Nvidia exhaust which will also cause undue stress to the nvidia fan.

What I think happened is the constant overpressure put the fans in a higher viscosity situation and caused them to fail without the bearings failing.

just turning around the left fan to blow out may have helped the flow but didn't drop the internal chassis temp as expected because the front door is blocking the exit and the hard drive vents in the front really can't draw in anything much.

The only way I can see fixing this without major modification is putting an exhaust fan on the top lid near the back of the chassis blowing out so that that area gets better airflow and heat is actually removed from the chassis.

can you advise if you would consider a retrofit kit or this would be something we would take on ourselves?

best regards,