View Full Version : What *are* the right tools for the 3D animation job?

10-27-2016, 05:13 PM
There's an interesting discussion about tools at: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?151835-Article-The-Right-Tool(s)-for-the-Job

I didn't want to taint that thread, so I thought I'd create a separate thread to ask what tools everybody uses to augment their Lightwave-based projects. Since I started it, I guess I'll go first:

I'm using World Machine with Geoglyph macros to design my terrains. Then I add plants from Xfrog.

What tools do you guys use?

For extra points, are there tools that you've acquired that didn't help your Lightwave projects?

10-27-2016, 05:53 PM
I'll bite, sure.

I still primarily use LW for my 3D work, though these days I'm spending more of my time in the VFX realm. The Lightwave part of those gigs is usually Turbulence FD and creating (and sometimes destroying) 3D assets to composite into live footage.

The most important general-purpose tools for me in the other modeling and animation realms are LW plugins. Top of my list for general purpose would be LWCAD and 3rd Powers, and for character work specifically I lean heavily on TAFA, TA Tools, and Rhiggit. Syflex also gets used a lot for my soft dynamics needs.

Most of my post work needs are met via the Adobe Creative Suite. I leverage a lot of plugins there, too, including Alien Skin Eye Candy for Photoshop textures, pretty much everything Red Giant has ever produced for After Effects and Premiere, and Mocha Pro for a lot of the grunt chores that come up in VFX work. I also have a lot of Borix FX stuff, of which Continuum Complete tools tend to see the most use.

For industrial work where I have to accept CAD files and convert them to texture, animate and render in LW my go-to tool is Rhino3D, which is one of the reasons I keep a token PC in my otherwise-Mac shop. My copy predates their coming out with a Mac version and I don't use it often enough to justify buying a cross grade.