View Full Version : Looking for After Effects / Pro Tools / etc producer to create a few video projects

10-24-2016, 08:48 AM
We're looking for an after effect, etc producer to create an intro video and possibly a few special elements for a new YouTube show. If you're interested, please reply or send me a message with your contact info and generic price quote for a 1 minute intro video.

I don't have full details as of yet, so I will update this when I have more info. Thanks

10-25-2016, 07:31 AM
UPDATE: More information: We're specifically looking for a 1 minute intro (animated/kinetic text & graphics), 2-3 (10 second or less) video bumpers for different segments, and a 30 seconds or 1 minute credit roll with a few graphics

10-26-2016, 08:02 AM
Hello I might help.

My name is Alejandro Núñez, I'm from Lima - Perú. I'm a multimedia producer.

What's the Youtube Channel about?

What kind of video are you looking for?

What's the target audience?

What's the estimated budget for this?

I can also consider, custom transitions for your Tricaster / Productions..

If you want to see my videos, please visit:


and select "Videos".

Waiting for your answer

Alejandro Núñez
Multimedia Producer
www.productormultimedia.com (http://www.productormultimedia.com)