View Full Version : Dumb question time, what TriCasters can use the NDI tools?

10-10-2016, 05:24 PM
I can't find any reference to NDI only working with certain TriCaster models - does it work with the Net input on all the XD models?

10-10-2016, 07:58 PM
TriCaster's with NDI support are on the following models:

- TriCaster Mini HDMI, Mini SDI, 410, 460, 860 or 8000

Running one of the following versions of software:

- Standard Edition starting with Rev 2-5
- Advanced Edition v1 starting with Rev 3-2
- Advanced Edition v2 starting with Rev 4-0

You can check the version by going to the Help icon when you startup TriCaster, then clicking on the 'About TriCaster' If the system is running something previous to these versions, you can upgrade for free. If running Rev 2-x, install the latest TriCaster Standard Edition version, if running Rev 3-x or 4-x, install Advanced Edition v1 or v2. http://new.tk/dl

For Standard Edition or Advanced Edition v1 systems the two NET inputs will accept NDI sources. For a TriCaster running Advanced Edition v2 any input on the system can accept NDI sources.