View Full Version : Skype name, Skype live:name, Microsoft account? Can anyone help me understand?

10-10-2016, 02:23 PM
The Skype world used to be so nice. People had Skype and a Skype ID. My VS100 logs in with a Skype ID, I called people using their Skype ID.

Now? Chaos! (Skype for Business, Skype for Desktop, Microsoft account, Skype name, Skype live:name, argh!)

Can anyone type up a few paragraphs explaining the various account options and software and how they all interact (or don't) with my VS100?

10-10-2016, 02:51 PM
Replying with my own test results. But still VERY interested in hearing from others, particularly about the future of Skype accounts and my VS100.

We can no longer create a new account with a Skype name. New Skype accounts must be created with an email or phone number. (I've only created one using an email address, haven't tried the phone number.)

The VS100 can ONLY sign in with an old Skype name or a Microsoft account.

The VS100 CANNOT call out to a new Skype account via email address. (The VS100 CAN call out to a new Skype account via the disturbingly hidden live:name. You find that by signing into Skype, not on the VS100, with a different account, searching for the original account by email, then view profile and look for the Skype name which will be live:something. Back at the VS100 you enter the live:something as the username when creating a new contact. Then you can call from the VS100 to the new Skype account.)

The VS100 can receive calls from new Skype (email) accounts, and old Skype (name) accounts.

I can only guess that the VS100 cannot communicate with Skype for Business.

10-10-2016, 03:34 PM
Skype for Business is really a different animal. It is the Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) product that as re-branded in name to 'Skype for Business'. It was wasn't compatible with Skype at the beginning either. Microsoft has made Skype for Business work with Skype, however I don't think that it works with Skype TX at this point.