View Full Version : The line pen-for dividing faces

09-30-2016, 09:23 PM
Not sure if the line pen tool was designed in mind to cut in faces/polys, if you draw with the line pen on a face on object, you can divide it, like drawing a center line on the top face of a cube, then you can select the edge and move it and a roof peak can be made for example, or if you draw first one line on a face ..then another a bit furter down, then you can select the face within that and bevel or move or whatever, it assumes you check edge to edge or vertex on for snapping, so itīs interesting to divide stuff with, but....
If you hold ctrl to constrain or use the middle mouse button to draw with a constrained straight line, it doesnīt matter if you snap edge to edge, it seems it canīt handle this to divide the face, but without constrain you can divide, not sure if it ever was intended being able to split.

Any ideas on why we canīt split a polygon with the line pen when constrain ctrl is is used..or using using middle mouse to draw with constrain, but otherwise it works?