View Full Version : Import Rigged Humanoid from Max or Maya?

09-29-2016, 11:11 PM
Have you guys seen this cool webpage with free and affordable Human models?


One of them comes rigged for Maya or Max, any ideas on getting her up and running in LW?

09-30-2016, 03:34 AM
If its just bones, you can bring it in through FBX (though you'll likely have to do a rebind in LW), if it's control rig, no can do.

09-30-2016, 12:21 PM
there is maya scenes, and max scenes, go to maya scene folders, were you got One fbx file, thatīs the one to work with for lightwave.
it will import as zbones, then go to the object, and select the fbx bone hiearchy standing, switch to bones, in the viewport..middle mouse clickk and drag all over the object to select all bones, enter bone propertie and change to maya style joints, easier to see the rig in my opinion, but keep z axis for bone type, you should not switch to joint in the bone type..that will screw up the deformation and weight map assigned, but do use the maya style joint in the check box.
There is not ctrl rig handles, so that you have to set up yourself if you want ik, or manually use fk, or simply add ik booster to it.

Unfortunatly the surfaces need to be manually set up, they arenīt active at all with any clue on what image to use ..the uv maps are there if you switch and change to it though.

Edited..duhh..I forgot to extract the source images, so it may work directly with the fbx once loaded, will have to check again.

Good luck

09-30-2016, 01:01 PM
tested to load the fbx after extracted images, but it doesnīt seem to find them, not sure if the image path data index is in the fbx file somewhere, in such case one just have to figure out where to put the source file mapp, if itīs not within the fbx file, it doesnīt matter and you would have to manually locate and set it up.

regarding bone type, when importing to lightwave from fbx, instead of entering bones and change to maya joint, you can do it directly in the import tab and make sure you set the maya joint option, so they should come in as that with a good display of the bones, go to preferences tab and change bone icon handle if needed.

Now ik booster, if you start moving around on the leg joints, you will see the rig isnīt properly fitted or binded, when I import from daz studio..it is the same, but there I go in and remove the bone transformer and another container null, canīt recall right now..once I do that the rig will follow perfectly no matter how i move the ik booster handles, but here it is a bit trickier and will have to take a look at that later, the body is split with clothes and boyd separate.

Import scale..
Yes, the scale came in as 1.7 meters, which seems like a natural size for a women..mostly :)