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09-28-2016, 07:45 AM
I keep getting burned by the behavior of the media players: When a new piece of media is added, that new item loads in to the player. For example, if I have a still up live, and add a new still to the player, that new still comes up live. Or if you're playing a video and need to add another video to the list. Or if you take a screen grab while displaying a dead slide on the aux out.

It would be nice for the currently selected media to remain selected, even when adding new media to the player.

Anyone else?

09-28-2016, 07:57 AM
I think there are some popular workflows that would be busted if we made this change. One thing that might help is the fact that (in some versions, at least) you can modify the playlist in a non-active DDR Mem slot (preset) without disrupting output if the DDR is actually playing.

09-28-2016, 08:08 AM
I'll have to play with that on my 460 AE2. I know on my 850, if I switch mem slots, the content switches immediately - a currently playing video would stop playing, so I've been pretty hesitant to ever do that.

Can you give me an example of such a workflow? I'm having trouble imagining anyone wanting a currently playing clip to stop playing because a new one was added. If I understood the rationale, it'd be easier to adjust my own workflow. Despite our best efforts, we are always getting customers handing us last minute media. Your solution is one I will have to try; we could also try better to load between DDRs, but we tend to differentiate; for example, DDR1 is all sponsor commercilas, DDR2 is instant replay.

Thanks, Steve!

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I may also need to experiment with clips vs stills. The one that got me this weekend was taking a screen grab of a presenter for posting to social media while displaying a dead slide. The most awkward picture of her mid-syllable popped up on the screen behind her. Oops.

09-28-2016, 08:36 AM
Note in this context that there is a meaningful difference between 'playing' and merely 'displaying'. The behavior I described is only true when the DDR is playing - as opposed to displaying a playlist item while stopped. On the other point, many use macros and third party systems to manage playlists. Any change affecting item selection is virtually certain to result in unwanted consequences for some. I understand your desire, but adding content to a playlist while the player is displayed on output is not an expected operation.

09-28-2016, 09:04 AM
adding content to a playlist while the player is displayed on output is not an expected operation.

I completely agree... Now to convince my customers. ;)


09-28-2016, 09:06 AM
If you're dealing with stills, maybe you could switch to a buffer to mask the addition.