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09-28-2016, 06:47 AM
Not Lightwave but definitely fits within a LW pipeline for creating texture maps. Wanted to share with the community here:

I often find the need to create tillable patterns for the work I do and Photoshop makes light work of this task. This Vaughan in 60 Seconds video will walk you through the creation of a tillable pattern and show multiple ways to apply the pattern you create in Photoshop.


09-28-2016, 08:20 AM
Fast and furious in 60 seconds, and you didnīt Uhh..once.
Great ..thanks.

I like illlustrator as well for patterns, as well as simply extracting out eps work from brushes that can be extruded to direct model decorations.
krita is also interesting..at least for creating symmetry painting, and using pattern brushes while drawing curves etc.

09-28-2016, 09:19 AM
Cool tutorial William. Nice and quick and that means easy to remember too.

Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

09-28-2016, 01:23 PM
he didn't um and er because he was voice overing to a pre cut video (even then the vo was edited), word of warning when creating patterns this way – if you do big ones based on large areas with a high dpi to achieve high clarity not only will they take up a large amount of file space but they will slow PS down every time you fire it up ( like really really slow boot time), far better to set up a folder and save them out to it then purge the current patterns directory back to its default