View Full Version : Render Edges: what is the definition of "sharp crease"?

09-19-2016, 05:24 PM
When using SHARP CREASE in RENDER EDGES, what's the value of sharpness that triggers the rendering of the line?

09-19-2016, 05:42 PM
Not sure if you have read the help files? and if so..it still didnīt give the answer properly?
Anyway..It might not help, but here you go...from lw 2015.3 docs.

turn on smoothing for the surface and change smoothing threshold by drag sliding the value slowly in vpr while having sharp creases checked..and you see some changes.
create a box ..metaform it once and make the surface smooth, the values start to change around at a 30degree angle and up...

"• Sharp Creases - might also be called “UnSmoothed Edges”. Whether or not a given edge
qualifies as a Sharp Crease depends on the Smoothing Angle of the surface to which that
polygonal edge belongs. Lowering the Smoothing Angle of a surface will increase the
number of Sharp Creases traced; increasing the Smoothing Angle will decrease the number
of Sharp Crease edges. If the “Smoothing” option is left unchecked in the Surface Editor,
most (if not all) of the polygon edges in your model will qualify as Sharp Creases. These
edges could be good for sharp-edged machinery, buildings and rocky terrains. If the object
is deforming (for example, an animated ocean surfaced with a low Smoothing Angle), the
smoothed/unsmoothed property of the edges can change from frame to frame and the
Sharp Creases will change with them."