View Full Version : my numeric panel has become self-aware

12-13-2003, 06:11 PM
maybe this has been gone over, if so sorry bout that!! anyway im using LW7.5 on MacOS 10.3.1 and Modeler keeps putting bizarre numbers into the numeric options whenever i select a tool. like i'll select the move tool, and when i go to drag a point itll jump across the scene when i press the mouse button.. so i looked in the numeric panel and its got like "-2075498 m" in the x value, which i definitely did not enter...... and it does this totally randomly it seems, its never the same parameters and it does it for all the tools. dont know if thats quite a clear description but if anybody's got any ideas id love to hear them, cuz its killing my speedy madskillz workflow etc etc

thanks dudes

12-14-2003, 12:17 AM
ok "madskillz" :p
When using 7.5 in Panther (which is not recommended) you must change the 'Input Device' from 'Mouse' to 'Tablet' under general options.

Go to the Mac forum for more on Panther with 7.5.

12-14-2003, 09:42 AM
madskillz iz rite!!! 1 w1ll 0wnz j00 w1th m4dd 133t h4xX0r skillz!!!

just kidding, thanks for the reply man :)